Who We Are

Aileen Getty, Founder and Executive Director 


Aileen Getty grew up in Europe and has spent most of her adult life in Los Angeles, CA. Over the past 25 years Aileen has brought her own experience with life’s challenges into her community by personally engaging her spirit, energy, knowledge, time and resources in the struggle against HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and addiction, mental illness and homelessness. Aileen’s affinity and compassion for individuals living in challenging circumstances is at the center of her life.

In 2005, Aileen founded Gettlove to acknowledge and house the numerous homeless individuals in the Hollywood community. On a daily basis Aileen continues her hands-on leadership of the organization as it embraces these homeless neighbors through personal relationships. Gettlove’s innovative and effective “companionship” approach to case management and counseling navigates the complexities of available services often too difficult for those chronically neglected, isolated, and ill to pursue on their own.

As a result of Gettlove’s efforts, by itself and in collaboration with other non-profit organizations and government agencies, an increasing number of individuals have moved from chronic homelessness into permanent housing. Aileen is a powerful partner and believer in the Hollywood community’s determination to create a future wherein all our neighbors have homes and continue to live in our midst with the peace and harmony only possible with the acceptance and love of an entire community towards all its members.

In addition to Gettlove, Aileen supports numerous projects throughout Los Angeles in order to facilitate and foster enhanced community. These include significant contributions to the acquisition and creation of public park space through the Trust for Public Land and the Hollywood Central Park.  Aileen serves on various local nonprofit boards including Gettlove, the Center at Blessed Sacrament, the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, and Step Up on Second. She is also an Ambassador to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

John Ladner, Counsel

John Ladner is an attorney in Los Angeles. He has been with Gettlove since its founding in 2005. John’s legal career includes service in Federal and Los Angeles County government, private practice, and twenty years as a judge presiding over both criminal and civil courtrooms. Upon his retirement from the Los Angeles Superior Court, John has served as legal counsel to Aileen Getty and collaborates with her in developing and implementing her philanthropic vision.


Sonny Duron, Director of Operations


“I enjoy the opportunity to look for non-traditional solutions to complex challenges. I enjoy developing collaborative relationships with other providers to enhance the quality of care that our community can deliver to those that are most vulnerable.”

Sonny has been with Gettlove since 2007. He has seen the agency grow over the years and is proud to be part of the continuous growth of the agency and the ever-widening scope of services provided. Sonny strongly believes that Gettlove has been successful largely due to its early roots and that the best way to understand the challenges of the homeless is to sit down and talk to someone who is experiencing homelessness. Sonny enjoys the opportunity to educate community members about the complex causes and issues surrounding homelessness and is committed to implementing the companionship model in all aspects of Gettlove service delivery.

Keegan Hornbeck, Director of Permanent Housing Program


“Working together with our clients we can successfully navigate the complex journey from homelessness to a new home.”

Keegan has been with Gettlove since 2009 and has responsibility for Gettlove’s housing programs. Keegan works to implement the companionship model into all aspects of the housing journey including building new, collaborative relationships with other providers, city and county agencies and community property owners.  Keegan received his Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Social Work at California State University Northridge.

Marsha Scott, Field Case Manager


“Participating in a client’s first moments in their new home brings great joy.”

Marsha’s role at Gettlove is to provide ongoing case management and support services to formerly homeless individuals who have recently been housed, and to help them reconnect with the community. Prior to joining Gettlove’s team as a Field Case Manager, Marsha worked as a Housing Coordinator at an emergency shelter for three years, serving the homeless. Marsha resides in Los Angeles with her family and daughter.

Strider Lloyd, Benefits Coordinator


“Benefits advocacy is a one-on-one, labor intensive, ongoing collaboration between myself and many of the individuals with whom Gettlove is working to secure and sustain their permanent housing. Complex systems often cannot easily be navigated by those most in-need of the benefits for which they are eligible  and which are essential for assuring each new home really is permanent  My goal is to effectively participate with each person in applying for, keeping, and increasing those benefits and resources that will help them live at home independently within our community.”

Strider joined Gettlove in 2010 as part of  its permanent housing department. Through his direct experience with the challenges confronting the chronically homeless, Strider developed the special skills and knowledge required to access financial and other benefits available to the vulnerable and disabled. Currently his continuing commitment to end homelessness energizes his advocacy as part of Gettlove’s supportive services department, where he works as Benefits Coordinator. Strider is responsible for connecting Hollywood homeless and recently housed residents to critical public and privately funded resources, which include securing financial benefits, health care, and legal counsel. Strider received his Bachelors of Science in Organizational Communication at Cal Poly Pomona, and prior to joining Gettlove he worked as a math and writing tutor at Pasadena City College where the joy he found in helping others inspired him to enter the world of public service.


Christina Culbertson, Field Case Manager


“I am grateful to serve and be a part of the continuous effort to end homelessness in Hollywood.”

Christina has been committed to ending homelessness in Hollywood for the past five years. As a case manager at Gettlove, Christina provides ongoing case management and support services to formerly homeless individuals who have recently been housed, and to help them reconnect with the community.  Christina has served Gettlove in a variety of roles and is well known within the community by both providers and clients.

Hector Trujillo, Field Case Manager


“Each day I look forward to working alongside some inspiring and committed people. I’m blessed to be here.”

Hector joined Gettlove in March of 2008.  Hector has held a variety of positions at Gettlove, watching it transform from its early roots to becoming an established housing provider. He is now a Case Manager in the permanent housing department and works directly with clients from the beginning of their journey home. He grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School.

Azlin Rodriguez, Field Case Manager


“I see people’s lives transformed before my eyes. There is nothing more rewarding than the sound of the keys to my client’s new home.”

Azlin is a permanent housing case manager at Gettlove. She works directly with clients, providers, and other agencies to locate and secure affordable, permanent housing. Prior to being a part of the Gettlove team, Azlin worked with one of the largest homeless services providers in Los Angeles County.  Azlin was born in Los Angeles and graduated from the Downtown Business Magnet and from the Academy of Finance in 2008. She resides in Hollywood with her family.

Our Clients

Our clients are in integral part of who we are. While they come from a variety of backgrounds and challenges, they share a sense of hope in a better future. A few of our clients and their inspirational stories are highlighted below.

Leny: “The people at Gettlove have become part of my family;
I feel more at home with them than I’ve ever felt in my life”


George: “To be honest with you, Gettlove really saved me.
I had almost gotten to a point where I just about gave up on myself
and I wasn’t supposed to live like that”