Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Our community engagement department aims to connect clients to resources available to them in their community and connect local stakeholders with each other in order to create a more coordinated and robust network of services. These connections are an essential component to an individual’s overall well-being, as well as, increased positive health outcomes for the entire community. To accomplish these outcomes, community engagement staff look outside of traditional homeless service platforms for issues affecting specific neighborhoods and the community as a whole.

Client Events

Gettlove recognizes that housing does not necessarily solve homelessness. Community connections and relationships are an essential component to improving both mental and physical heath as well as, maintaining housing. These events offer skill building and/or self-sustaining activities to its participants and are always free. Gettlove hosts events such as yoga, art workshops, pottery classes, meditation and sound baths, along with a movie day and museum day each month. All of these events are created intentionally, to accommodate the needs and interests of our clients. To help in the recovery from isolation that is inherent when experiencing homelessness, Gettlove clients are encouraged to participate in our weekly community engagement events.

South LA

Gettlove is proud to be located at the heart of South LA and values the sense of community that this neighborhood has to offer. We partner with South LA organizations such as The Tree and SoLA Contemporary to offer our clients fun activities such as yoga, meditation, and art classes. Gettlove also works with businesses throughout South LA to provide staff and client meals, office supplies, and other services. We feel that in order to empower and uplift our community, our resources must, in turn, go back into the community. The community engagement department’s liaisons also have an active presence in community meetings and organizations such as, the SPA 6 Coalition, the Provider Alliance to End Homelessness, YourDMH SA6, neighborhood councils and Community Coalition South LA.

Community Engagement

Community members, organizations and/or businesses that are interested in partnering with Gettlove can contact for more information.

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