Representative Payee

Representative Payee

The Representative Payee Department provides client-centered money management services to any household wishing to participate. This department aims to increase the sense of self-determination in each individual by providing skills to manage their own funds and leverage their personal resources that promote both health and housing stability.

Representative Payee Benefits Advocacy

Depending on the severity of disability, the Social Security Administration often requires SSI or SSA benefits recipients to have a designated individual or agency to manage their funds. To meet this requirement and empower clients to learn to manage their own fund, Gettlove deigned a innovative representative payee program. Once a client decides to participate in the program, a representative payee benefits advocate will meet with the individual to collaboratively determine spending priorities and goals, while ensuring that basic necessities are always met. As with all services in the agency, this service is based on a recovery model that encourages clients to regain self-sufficiency and independence.

Representative Payee Program Evaluation

Gettlove has observed incredible outcomes within our representative payee department. Our unique money management services have resulted in an increase in both health and housing stability in our program participants. Recently we noticed a lack of research on representative payee programs throughout the country, as well as, many other housing programs. In collaboration with Cal State Los Angeles, we have conducted a representative payee program evaluation within the agency and are excited to publish and release our findings to the public soon.

Representative Payee

As with all services offered to clients at Gettlove, the representative payee department values each individual’s autonomy and goals. We always approach these goals through a client-centered lens, collaboratively working with the client to develop the skills they need to improve overall well-being.

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